Years of experience squeezing every usable inch out of precious New York City real estate comes in handy when you’re dealing with a 9’ x 55’ space, narrow, long and tight. The creative space making employed in the design of this East Village flat for two acoustic consultants includes a custom kitchen (inspired by Louis Armstrong’s turquoise gem) that hugs one wall and then bends out to subtly delineate kitchen, dining and living areas.

Another unique feature - the ‘split’ bathroom - transforms a tiny 4’x 4’ bathroom at the rear of the apartment into a luxurious shower for two, and couples it with a separate powder room (including stacked washer/dryer) sandwiched between the kitchen and sleeping alcove.Cabinetry and shelving inserted into every nook and cranny maximizes storage including beneath the flip-up bed, and acoustical detailing throughout insures a quiet and comfortable home…good things, small package.