Fiedler Marciano was selected by the Guggenheim Museum as Architects of Record for the inaugural installation of the BMW Guggenheim Lab - a temporary structure designed by the Tokyo-based firm Atelier Bow Wow. It will be erected in three different cities over the course of two years and serves as a travelling research laboratory for investigating and discussing contemporary urban issues.

From inception through completion, Fiedler Marciano worked in close collaboration with museum staff and the entire project team to develop all aspects of the structure. The firm’s direct responsibilities as local architects included site design, coordination of site specific engineering, jurisdictional approvals, administration of the erection and disassembly of the Lab structure and subsequent site remediation.

The Lab opened in New York City on August 3, 2011 for a ten week cycle and supported a diverse array of public programming including lectures, workshops, exhibitions, seminars and community-based activities..Subsequent installations for the structure include Berlin in the Summer of 2012 and then Mumbai.

The BMW Guggenheim Lab was honored by the New York State Chapter of the American Institute of Architects with a 'Citation for Design' Award in August of 2012. Additional information regarding the BMW Guggenheim Lab can be found at

Photos by Paul Warchol.