Inspiration for the New York offices of this San Francisco-based ad agency comes from the pulsating streetscape of Gotham itself. The materiality and geometry of the faceted wall derive from the ubiquitous plywood ‘post no bills’ construction fence (the ultimate platform for urban messaging) and the traditional storefront archetype. The wall as antagonist complements and activates the rationality of the concrete columns and rectangular window openings - separating a series of discreet project rooms from the more social environment of the open office. A staccato rhythm of glass and aluminum office fronts takes on an air of the theatrical, a cinematic strip of work, process and GSPNY’s current projects. Creativity, spontaneity and collaboration are encouraged and supported by a variety of flexible social/work spaces including lounge areas, more intimate hang-out rooms (equipped with interactive video access for long distance chatting), an open kitchen and dining area for interoffice mixing and mingling, and a series of shared work surfaces that decidedly eschew the cubicle mentality. In our times, and outside the box, work as movable feast.