Located on 22 acres of gently sloping, heavily wooded land, this single-family residence engages the surrounding rural environment with consideration to landscape, orientation, light and views. Two overlapping C-shaped volumes form a central courtyard that opens to the north and frames a panoramic view of an adjacent pond. The upper volume faces south, allowing light and air to permeate throughout the courtyard; it also features an elevated terrace with views of the pool. A front porch, defined by the cantilevered second floor, creates a feeling of public presentation.

A walking trail beloved by the family surrounds the property; its form is echoed by a circulation loop that navigates the interior of the house. The lower level accommodates a caretaker's suite, kitchen, and dining and living areas. The upper level features a family room overlooks a double-height library and also accommodates a home office, two children's bedrooms, the master bedroom suite and a fitness room.

The lower level has an exterior framework of stained wood and glass that creates a feeling of openness, and provides views into the forest. Panelized cladding on the upper level imparts a sense of privacy; windows are positioned to link interior spaces with specific aspects of the surrounding site.