We come to New York City with dreams for a better life, for inspiration, for meaningful work, for a unique experience. The unfolding petals of the BLOSSOM chair are inspired by these aspirations and the flowering of human potential in all forms. The fertile ground of the Battery Green serves as the perfect backdrop for a bouquet of seating that welcomes visitors and residents alike and beautifies the city. The chairs organic form – along with a palette of white, pink and red - give it an unmistakable profile against a background of orthogonal urban activity. The BLOSSOM chairs scattered about the green appear during periods of low activity, as a field of wild flowers and at peak occupancy become pollinated by the swarm of human activity that so exemplifies New York City. The BLOSSOM chair consists of four distinct ‘petal’ shapes molded from polypropylene, along with a supporting tripod of recycled aluminum – each leg with a small foot that allows it to touch down lightly on the grassy lawn. The petals are secured to the base in a variety of arrangements creating an array of seating types including a stool, low-back chair with or without arm(s) and high-back chair with or without arm(s). The permutations made possible by the chair’s DNA accommodate users of all shapes and sizes, as well as a plethora of activities from lounging to lunching, talking to texting, watching to waiting and resting to reading. The BLOSSOM chair embodies the process of coming into one’s own, bold and beautiful. Polypropylene was chosen for its durability, sustainability and integral color. It is one of the most sustainable materials used in furniture fabrication today, created from the gaseous waste generated by oil production - gases that would otherwise be released into the environment as air pollution. Water used during the manufacturing process is contained in a closed cooling cycle that avoids any contamination of ground water, lakes or streams. Polypropylene is also 100% recyclable, meaning it can be melted down countless times and reused in a variety of manufactured products without degradation. In addition, because of its superior durability, polypropylene furniture can last a very long time and therefore be replaced far less frequently than products made from metal or wood. In order to tweak the design dimensionally and insure maximum comfort, a functional prototype of the BLOSSOM chair could easily be constructed from a combination of shaped plywood and steel prior to final fabrication.