The crystalline addition to the Syracuse University admission and administrative building, Crouse-Hinds Hall, defines a new entry point to campus and to the existing building. It also provides an information portal that teaches visitors about the school’s past, present and future. The design team worked in close collaboration with university administrators to develop a visitor experience that presents historical background, practical information about campus life, and a clear statement of the school’s institutional vision to a variety of audiences- prospective and current students, alumni and donors, guests to the chancellor’s office and members of the local community.

The building’s orientation and its faceted glass facade frame views of the historic structures lining the front lawn of the university. A paved plaza provides a platform for outdoor functions and connects to a system of pathways that links the campus directly to a commercial district, which is a hot spot for social activity. The clarity and lightness of the design embody institutional transparency and progressive thinking. State-of-the-art exhibition components include an animated historic timeline, an array of information kiosks, and gallery spaces for permanent and rotating installations. The façade also contains etched glass panels, so that images can be projected directly onto it.