This small patch of rooftop at a private boy’s school located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side abuts two classrooms teeming with 5-9 year olds desperate for a place to expend some energy. But schools are for learning right? So our concept for the Play Space was to expand on the notion of the typical playground by creating an outdoor area for both physical and intellectual exercise.

Point, Line, Plane and Volume – the geometric building blocks of the world around us – each correspond to a component of the Play Space design, creating not only a vibrant environment for play, but a de facto ‘Primer On Form Making’ that stimulates creativity and understanding.

Micro-mesh chain link in Browning School red encloses the perimeter of the Play Space and provides a veiled sense of security and privacy (Volume). On the undulating traversing wall (Plane) color-coded handholds delineate routes of varying difficult to progressively develop strength and motor skills. A sinuous fluorescent steel tube (Line) traverses the site and transforms into a variety of interactive configurations including climbing bars and benches. The final component, resilient rubber flooring peppered with graphic dots (Points), allows for unstructured activity and group interaction.

A place to play, a place to learn, The Browning School Play Space of New York City.